“What Lurks Among the Ruins”

This year, The Providence Journal newspaper held a reader’s choice contest to celebrate the 125th birthday of a hometown legend. Entrants were to “spin a tale like H.P. Lovecraft”. Requirements were that the story be no more than 1,500 words and invoke the style and theme of 20th century horror author H.P. Lovecraft.

Over 200 entries were received, from which 13 finalists were selected. While my story didn’t place, it was selected as a finalist and the contest itself was a lot of fun.

I will likely expand upon this story for future release, as the 1,500 word limit was very restricting. Lovecraft himself was verbose; 1,500 words for him would just be the opening few paragraphs! Until then, however, for your reading pleasure, I present my entry to the contest!

What Lurks Among the Ruins
By RJ Kennett
© 2015 RJ Kennett. All Rights Reserved.

My Dearest Graham,

It is with feeble and aging hands that I write you, my grandson, to deter you from your current path. Your mother has told me of your intentions to take your degree in archaeology and investigate the ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. I implore you not to proceed. Investigate the Maya, Hittites, or ancient Chinese if you will but leave alone that which lies at Gobekli Tepe. Continue reading

H.P. Lovecraft contest finalists

In honor of Lovecraft’s 125th birthday, his hometown newspaper is holding a contest to see who can spin a yarn like Lovecraft. With a 1,500 word limit, entrants were to write a Lovecraftian tale mimicking the style of the horror great. Over 200 entries were received from around the world, … Continue reading

AHG3 Now Available

The horror anthology, “At Hell’s Gates 3: Bound by Blood” is now available on Amazon for just $2.99. The paperback should be available shortly as well, though I don’t know the price. Be sure to check out my contribution, “The Coffin in the Reeds”. It’s a story I’m quite pleased … Continue reading

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