COR: Genesis


Central Outbreak Response: Genesis

Book 1 of the COR Trilogy

Central Outbreak Response: Genesis
A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse

Max Newsome wanted to forget his violent wartime past. He wanted to get a degree, maybe fall in love, start a family and live out his days in peace.

Then the dead rose.

Through a horrific classroom siege and into the devastated city beyond, Max struggles to build a new family from the rubble of shattered lives around him. When they team up with the emergency team from a mysterious organization called Central Outbreak Response, they believe they are safe, and on the difficult path to recovery.

But the dead keep secrets that threaten to destroy everything Max holds dear.


“If you love zombie fiction, stories of the struggle to survive and gritty action, then this is a MUST READ!” – Zombie Pop

Book 1 of 3


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