Zombie Pop Review: “COR: Genesis”

The fine folks over at Zombie Pop wrote a nice review of “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis“. Pop on over, check it out and show Zombie Pop some love! It’s a great site for fans of the genre.  

Thank You

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me celebrate the release of “World War Z” on Blu-Ray and DVD, by downloading my novel “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” on its one free day. I hope you enjoy the book, and let your friends know about it! As of this posting, there … Continue reading

Humans vs. Zombies

I stumbled across this video on YouTube of students at East Carolina University playing a game called “Humans vs. Zombies”. It’s a couple of years old and I saw no others, so I suspect they aren’t doing this anymore. Pity. As it was shot at ECU, and that is where … Continue reading

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