New Section: Short Stories

I’ve recently added a section to the site called “Short Stories“. As you might guess, this is where you’ll be able to read some of the short stories I have published. Give ’em a read, like ’em, and share, share, share!

“What Lurks Among the Ruins”

This year, The Providence Journal newspaper held a reader’s choice contest to celebrate the 125th birthday of a hometown legend. Entrants were to “spin a tale like H.P. Lovecraft”. Requirements were that the story be no more than 1,500 words and invoke the style and theme of 20th century horror author … Continue reading

Thank you!

This is just a thank you to all of the people who have left such wonderful reviews – as well as to those who left some not so wonderful reviews. Good review or bad, you took the time to read, rate and review, and that is valuable to other readers … Continue reading

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