All Things Zombie Book Fair

I’m happy to be part of this year’s ATZ (All Things Zombie) Book Fair!

What is ATZ?

ATZ is a Facebook Group that, as the name suggests, is a great supporter of movies, books, video games – pretty much all things zombie.

Book Fair?

Yep. A digital book fair is running on Facebook now. It’s a closed group, so you’ll have to ask permission to join, but it is open to anyone interested in All Things Zombie.

What about COR:Genesis?

I’m glad you asked! “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” is not on sale at any location (regular price of $5.99 applies everywhere), however ATZ Book Fair participants will have access to a coupon at SmashWords to pick it up for 99 cents. The coupon will be good until July 19, 2016, so you have a few days to take advantage of this deal. The book is also available at Amazon, but there is no coupon there (Amazon has no coupon option) and it is not on sale.

Ack! I can’t find the coupon code!

It’s AN28P and expires 7/19 (and yes, I’m cool with you sharing this information with your friends and saving them $5 off of the regular price) – but really, if you’re not a member of ATZ on Facebook, ask to join. It’s their fair and this wouldn’t be offered without them. Besides, the book fair has many books for free or deeply discounted and it’s well worth joining anyway!

What about COR:Exodus?

Although COR:Genesis came out in 2013, COR: Exodus is not yet complete. Real life has been slowing me down, but it is being written, and is coming along very well, if slowly. Max, Arthur and friends will be back up to their old tricks – I just don’t dare predict how soon it will be. Sign up for my newsletter on this site (left sidebar!) and I’ll inbox you when it is for sale!

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