When Spambots Attack

aliensWant to hear something scary? Somewhere out there are people who are so stupid that they think we don’t notice the automated trash they throw at us. What’s even scarier – it must work enough for them to make money, because the jerks keep doing it.

I recently had to change my personal email address due to spam. On one average day, I received 105 emails of which 94 were spam. Worse, when I delete them from my webmail, they still go through to my phone, and I have to delete each one a second time.

For each legitimate email I had to wade through about ten spam messages twice each. That’s what we call a “time sink”, and time sinks must be destroyed. Hence the need for new email address.

On top of that, recently a number of spammers decided that the few people who read posts on my website really, really, really need to know about their counterfeit handbags, counterfeit shoes, etc. They find a comment form on the site and BAM! Spam-City.

Now, I guess these idiots don’t realize that each one of their messages comes to me directly for approval before it hits the site. Of course, I mark the spam as… well, spam, and it goes away until they try again an hour later.

So now, I’ve had to (time-sink!) go through and remove ALL of the comment forms for each page and post on the site. Which sucks, because while there wasn’t much chit-chat between me and my soon-to-be-legion of fans, I wanted the option.

Facebook it is then, or direct emailing via the Contact page on this site (and you’re more than welcome to fire away with questions or comments – I will get them!)

This is why we can’t have nice things; there are too many idiots and spammers out there.

Ultimately, this kind of crap interferes with my efforts to write a book, because with my limited time (yes, I still have a day job) I have to battle fatigue and deal with this type of trash instead of writing. Which is, to say the least, irritating.

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