Thank you!

rjkennett-authorphotoThis is just a thank you to all of the people who have left such wonderful reviews – as well as to those who left some not so wonderful reviews. Good review or bad, you took the time to read, rate and review, and that is valuable to other readers as well as the author. Thank you.

Some authors say they don’t read reviews. Perhaps some don’t, but many others do even if they won’t admit it. Hell, I do. When I have thousands of reviews, perhaps I’ll stop. While I read them, I don’t leave responses to individual reviews. This is because I don’t want to look like a stalker! (I can be one, I just don’t want to look like one.) Reviewers should feel free to review as honestly as they see fit, without concern for bruising the author’s feelings.  I’m the one who put my creation out there for the enjoyment and judgment of others. Just as a bad review may sting, a good one can make my day – and I’m blessed to have had many more of the latter.

So if you’ve read my work and left a review, whether it was positive or negative – thank you. And if you haven’t done so, please consider it. It makes a difference, especially to independent authors like myself.

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