COR: Exodus Cover Reveal

COR: Exodus

“COR: Exodus” will be available March, 2014.

The cover for “Central Outbreak Response: Exodus” takes a more action-oriented approach to the viral attack. Whereas the cover for “COR: Genesis” showed viral sacs ominously drifting along with blood cells in a muted palette reminiscent of an image through an electron microscope, “Exodus” shows the attack in vibrant color.

Artist Craig Spearing was given free reign to depict the viral assault. It may not be biologically accurate to have a bacteriophage emerge from a lipid envelope, but it conveys the concept of a dual viral invasion (which will be in the novel), and just looks nasty. Would you want that inside your body?

There is a wallpaper design of the full art available on the Downloads page. The print version will utilize the entire piece of art, wrapping around the spine and covering the back, as the art for “Genesis” did. But of course, this wouldn’t be a proper reveal without a sneak peek!


You can view more of Craig’s incredible artwork on his website,

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