State of the Apocalypse, August 2013


My haughty, “I dun wroted a buuk” look. Beats “the Thinker” pose.

The first two weeks after the release of “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” have been interesting to say the least. There’s been a huge learning curve from writing, to publishing, to promotion of the book.

Publicity has included posting on zombie-themed message boards surrounding the online, text-based MMORPG Urban Dead, paid advertising on that site, locating and posting on a variety of reading, horror and associated message boards, a small Google AdWords run, Facebook connections and more tweets than I care to remember. Some things worked better than others, but the overall effort paid off.

COR: Genesis started at about 180,000 on Amazon’s best-seller rank. That number bounces around quite a bit on a daily basis, but now it is generally hovering around the 30,000 mark with occasional surges to around 20,000. That’s overall, from all of the books on Amazon. Within the appropriate genres, it’s much higher. Most indie authors would kill for the sales I’m getting, but that doesn’t mean I’m raking in the big bucks – I’m averaging 3-4 sales per day at this point.

Clearly, retirement is a ways off. This is a marathon, though, not a sprint. I’m blessed to have this opportunity and the success I’ve had. I want to thank each and every person who has taken a chance on my debut novel, and would love it if you would give it a review on Amazon, should you have the time and inclination.

Today is August 1, and this is the day I planned to start work on the sequel, with the grand working title of COR2. (Confession: I’ve actually already started, but now I’m officially starting to work on it. As in, pulling some focus off of marketing COR: Genesis.)

Again, thank you all!

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