Pet Peeve

While researching and writing “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis“, I read a lot of other authors in the genre. I mean a lot. There were good ones, there were bad ones. I listed some of the better ones in the “From the Author” section of my own book, in case readers … Continue reading

Lessons Learned

As a first-time independent author/publisher, there has been a lot of trial and error as I publicize my novel. What has worked? What hasn’t? Well, pull up a seat and listen to me blather as though I’ve actually learned something. Facebook. Seems to work okay. Not great, but okay. For … Continue reading

“COR: Genesis” Cracks Top 100 on Amazon Post-Apocalyptic

“Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” just cracked the top 100 list for Post-Apocalyptic! At #98, it could be bumped at any time, but… it did it, and they can’t take that away from me. I got the screenshot as proof!

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